Your Project Workshop

IMG00039-20090522-1032Your Project Workshop (knit or crochet)

Each student will begin (or continue) a personal project, so start (or finish) that scarf, hat, sweater, bag or socks. We will address yarn and needle choices, gauge swatching, pattern modification, trouble shooting, finishing, blocking, you name it. This is a support class, with no specific teaching curriculum. Students receive individual help and benefit from the issues raised by others.
This course may be repeated as often as desired, to get continuing ideas and help with projects. One-class drop-ins are not available. If you need one-time, or additional, help with a project, let me know and we can arrange a private session.

Each session, we offer different courses, depending on the needs and desires of our students.

If the class you want is not listed as “current” in the drop-down menu under “Classes” above, go to the “Contact” tab and let us know that you would like to be notified when it is being offered.

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