Make a Summer Sweater That Really Fits


If you’ve ever  spent a lot of time on something that just didn’t fit right, this is the class  for you. We’ll all be making the same sweater — this delightful lacy  summer cardigan designed by Cecily Glowik. But, since we don’t all have the same dimensions, we’ll be  making some adjustments as we go.

No more ill-fitting top-down sweaters with necks that sag and underarms that pinch. No more sleeves that drag on the ground and cardigans that won’t close.  In the first couple of sessions, we’ll take body measurements, pick out yarn and swatch to get correct gauge. We’ll make pattern modifications to give the best custom fit and style and get started with learning how to make the beautiful lace stitch. With several weeks in between, further sessions will focus on trouble shooting, tracking modifications, correcting mistakes, and putting the finishing touches on your sweater.

At the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, I studied with Amy Herzog and learned more about making and modifying sweaters that fit. Amy has just released her wonderful book on the subject “Knit to Flatter.” We’ll be reviewing it on another post, but if you should have the urge to buy Amy’s book right now, you can click on this book image and order it from

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